State of the Art Greywater Diversion Systems

- Save Water                - Save Energy
- Reduce Sewage          - Protect the Environment

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New homes/retrofits
Manual Cleaning Filters
Above Ground Installations 
Up to 2" inlet/outlet

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GFPS Plug & Play

For retrofits
Auto/manual clean filters
Above/below ground
up to 4" inlet/outlet

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GFPS 2-Stage

New Homes
Auto/Manual Cleaning
Below Ground Installations
Up to 4" inlet/outlet

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Auto/Manual Cleaning
Above/Below Ground 
Up to 4" Inlet/outlet

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Exclusive Technologies

Our Greywater Diversion Devices uses State-of-the-Art patented technology that requires little maintenance

Product Range

We offer a full range of Greywater Systems, for new homes or retrofits, small and large gardens, under and above ground installations, and many other options.